Snatch vs. Clean and Jerk

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Journal

It’s funny, in high school I started with the power clean, eventually added the jerk which quickly turned into a power jerk (I just couldn’t figure it out and see how it was beneficial), and then finally learned the snatch. I’ll be the first to admit that the snatch and me didn’t get along. I not only preferred the clean and jerk to a fault, I favored it in training and would estimate that practice was between a 2 to 1 and a 3 to 1 comparison in favor of the clean and jerk. This certainly explains why my snatch was so terrible relatively speaking, both of form and heft.

Though after being away from the sport for so long and finally getting back into it, a funny thing has happened. My preference has changed. I find myself now looking forward the days I get to do snatch work, while being indifferent or even loathing (depending on how my wrists feel) the clean and jerk days. Now I believe this does have a little to do with my poor hand placement early on which has given me “weak” wrists. I believe I have bruised one thing or another in both my wrists and the catch and jerk can be rather painful if I don’t do them correctly now. But certainly a fundamental change has occurred mentally regarding my approach to either or. Maybe this preference will go back and forth depending on how either feel during that specific block of time. What I’m not looking forward to though is when the time comes when I loath both lifts and have to drag my sorry good for nothing lazy ass into the garage to lift everyday. I wonder what will happen then? For now at least, I only have to do that once or twice a week if at all.

For now though, bring on the snatch, I’ll attack it and go after it anytime and it is truly fun to push my limits at this point. Hopefully this attitude continues and the clean and jerk eventually follows suite. That’s when this whole thing will be really fun and PR’s will be raining down. When mentally and physically I’ll be sync to attack every rep, every weight, everyday no matter what the lift is. Hopefully that happens soon.


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